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Trade Up Program

Infiniti Trade Up Program

Ready to get out of your old car?

Don't just trade in your old car... TRADE UP

In addition to realizing your dream of owning a high performance luxury vehicle here are some of the additional benefits of the INFINITI of Orange Park Trade-Up Program.

Additional Benefits

  • Above market value for your vehicle
  • Monthly payments possibly lower than what you're currently paying
  • More favorable financing options
  • Longer and more comprehensive warranties means lower maintenance and repair costs
  • The latest engine technology means more miles per gallon and lower fuel costs
  • Take advantage of INFINITI's exclusive State-of-the-art safety and security technology
  • Enjoy driving like never before with a full complement of comfort and entertainment features

We all want to move up in life so why simply trade in your vehicle for the same type when you can trade up to a new INFINITI at INFINITI of Orange Park?

The demand for quality pre-owned vehicles like yours has never been higher. As a result INFINITI of Orange Park is constantly in need of pre-owned vehicles in order to replenish our inventory so we'd like to make you an offer for your vehicle along with an opportunity to own one of the world's leading luxury vehicles.

Sound interesting? It gets even better. You can get out of your old car and into a new INFINITI with little or no money down.

Right now, more than 70% of our customers are already qualified to trade in what they are currently driving and up to a new INFINITI. Join them today by calling (888) 720-9530 or submitting the form.

Don't settle for trading in at another dealer when you can trade up to a new INFINITI quickly, easily and possibly for less money. By bringing in your old car you'll be helping us and to show our gratitude INFINITI of Orange Park will do everything possible to deliver you a new INFINITI and an incomparable luxury automotive experience.

Contact our Trade Up Program Specialist: Blain Moos

For more information about this program or to see if you qualify, please give our sales team a call at (888) 720-9530.

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