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Used Car Buying Tips

Infiniti of Orange Park Used Car
Infiniti of Orange Park Used Car
Infiniti of Orange Park Used Car
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  • Infiniti Of Orange Park Used CAR

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    INFINITI of Orange Park

    Ten Tips for Buying a Used Car

    At INFINITI of Orange Park you'll find the best used car purchase experience in N. Florida. That's why the INFINITI of Orange Park has been named one of Jacksonville's 10 Best Used Auto Dealers. There are more than 300 used auto dealers in the N. Florida area. Here are 10 tips for buying a used car…

    Infiniti Used CAR
    1. Does the dealership have fair current market value pricing? You don't want to shop dealers who over inflate their prices. A great deal of our used car business comes from customers from out of state. We CURRENT MARKET VALUE PRICE every used vehicle based on the current market on the internet and at the dealership. You can always be assured that you are getting our one, best price every time.

    2. What's the vehicle's history? Where did the car come from? You want to make sure that you are working with a dealer who will cheerfully provide you with a free vehicle history report. No hassle!

    3. Was the vehicle previously serviced at the selling dealership? You can ask for the service records.

    4. How does the dealer inspect and prep their cars? At INFINITI of Orange Park we perform a 167 point safety inspection on every vehicle we offer for sale. That way you can be assured of the reliability of the vehicle. Many vehicles do not pass our rigorous inspection process and have to be sent to auction.

    5. Does the dealer have factory trained staff prepping their vehicles? Do they always use genuine factory parts when replacing parts? We have the highest percentage of INFINITI Master Technicians of any INFINITI dealership in the Atlanta zone. We always use genuine INFINITI parts when prepping our used INFINITI products…Factory parts cost more than generic parts.

    6. Test driving is essential. Be sure you have a sales professional who will allow you to thoroughly inspect your vehicle and take you for a true evaluation drive on varying road conditions. Be sure you are comfortable in the vehicle.

    7. Know where the vehicle came from? Pull more than one vehicle history report. What region of the country. Snow / Salt can be big factors. Was it a one owner car…a two owner car? If the report shows previous damage…How extensive was the damage. These days nearly every vehicle will have some kind of minor damage during its life. Was it a factory vehicle, an off rental vehicle. You need to know. A transparent process is important.

    8. Work with a dealer who offers you a good selection. Selection equals value! It's better to be able to choose between several similar vehicles.

    9. What kind of mileage is on the vehicle? How many years has the car been on the road? How many miles per year? Many manufacturers introduce new models at different points during the year. Sometimes they offer models a year or more before the actual calendar year.

    10. Make sure you are doing business with a reputable dealer. Ask what the dealer's new vehicle customer satisfaction rating is. Check out various internet rating review web sites. Use the internet to do your research. Check with your friends.

    If the dealer you are shopping is not completely forthcoming and transparent with any of these 10 Tips…walk away!

    Inifniti Used CAR

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