7 Pro Tips On Preventing Fogged Up Car Windows

June 23rd, 2022 by

Foggy vehicle windows are an issue that every driver has encountered. It may seem little, but driving with condensation inside your windows reduces vision and makes driving risky, but it is also against the law. So, what are your options for treating or perhaps preventing the problem?

Experts at INFINITI of Orange Park will share some of our best recommendations in this post.

What Produces Foggy Glass In The First Place?

When two different temperatures & moisture contents collide, fog is formed. For example, during summers, when heated air outside hits the cool windshield, fog forms on the outside of the glass, which is readily wiped by turning on your windshield wipers.

When it’s cold outdoors, the impact is the opposite; as the outside temperature is colder than the inner temperature of the automobile, fog (moisture) forms on the inside of the glass.

So, to get you through both months, here are some pointers on how to remove fog quickly:

1. Pay Attention To The Weather:

On sunny, warm days, leave your windows open; ensure they are closed on rainy days. A glance at the weather forecast each morning should give you some direction.

2. Remove Anything Wet:

Damp jackets, blankets, umbrellas, and other wet items may cause your windows to fog up and produce a damp odor. Get these out of the automobile as quickly as possible. If your car seats or carpets become wet, dry them fast.

3. Clean Windows:

Keeping your windows clean will decrease condensation by preventing water from sticking to dirt particles.

4. Garage:

If you have one, make use of it. The temperature inside a garage is usually higher than outside, which helps keep moisture at bay.

5. Use A Dehumidifier:

Even when you’re not in the car, old automobiles are susceptible to moisture intrusion. A portable dehumidifier pad, which only costs a few pounds, will absorb part of this and help decrease condensation.

Wipe The Inside Of The Windscreen With Shaving Foam:

As strange as it seems, wiping the inside of the windshield with shaving foam can assist. Put a drop of the foam on a cloth and wipe it all over the screen, then wipe it down with a clean cloth to make the glass clear. The detergent in the foam prevents water from beading up and creating an unpleasant mist.

Use Air-Conditioner:

Condensation happens when warm, moist air inside the automobile comes into touch with the cold glass of the windows, which is unavoidable on chilly rain mornings. Use your ventilation and, if you have it, your air conditioning, and make sure the air is directed toward the windows.

Use your re-circulation system sparingly, as it will retain moisture inside the car and warm it up faster. If your automobile doesn’t have air conditioning, invest in a moisture absorber and keep it in a handy location, emptying it regularly.

When seeing clearly on a day when the dew point lowers, dry air is your friend, and moisture is not. Drive carefully, and if you can’t see properly, pull over to the side of the road and wait until you can.

Is your car’s air conditioning operating properly? If not, have it checked out by a certified auto technician at INFINITI of Orange Park, serving Orange Park, FL, to ensure it’s working properly and preventing fog!

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